Ear 2 Ear


This company is created by individuals that understand the hardships of having family members

incarcerated and we know how important it is to maintain family bonds

without breaking the bank to do so.


We at Ear 2 Ear are here to provide reasonable rates so families can talk more

or talk at the rate they do now for less cost.


The major companies charge you an astronomical connect fee on top of sky rocketing per minute rates

when they could be charging much less in an already stressful and pricey situation.


How would you like to speak to your incarcerated loved one anywhere in the United States, 7 days a week,

day or night at $5.00 or less per call in most cases?

Sounds too good to be true?


It's not, because Ear 2 Ear it is brought to you by those that are in your very situation and know the hardships

that jail and prison bring on a family.

We understand the difference a phone call can make to a family on the outside and the inmate

as well.


Our mission here at Ear 2 Ear is to provide you and your loved one with a cost effective,

affordable, reliable phone service that won't hurt your pocket.


To see if we can help serve you, please fill out our information form

by clicking here.


Ear 2 Ear   PO Box 25521 Kansas City, Mo  64119    816/298-0164